New Membership Requests - JEEP EXCLUSIVE

Must live within 100 miles of Amarillo, Texas. 

  • Applicants for membership shall hold a valid driver’s license.
  • Applicants shall show Personal Injury and Property Damage insurance coverage for their Jeep that meets or exceeds the minimum requirements of the State of Texas.   
  • Prior to application, potential new members must attend two functions.  The first must be a meeting and the second can be a meeting or an event.  When these criteria have been met, an application can be submitted with a nonrefundable application fee:
  • For an individual membership, annual dues shall be $75 and shall allow one ballot.    
  • For a dual membership, annual dues shall be $100 and shall allow two ballots.  Both individuals wishing to cast a ballot must be at least 18 years of age.  
  • The application fee shall be collected by the Secretary.
  • Each applicant for membership shall be subject to a background check.  
  • After reviewing the background check report, the Membership Committee shall forward their findings to the Board.
  • The findings shall be reported by the Board at the next Club meeting as “the Membership Committee has conducted a background investigation and deems the applicant fit to be a member” and presented to the general membership for a vote.  If approved, the new member shall be given their membership card.
  • Any persons deemed unfit by the Membership Committee shall not be allowed membership to Jeep Exclusive, Inc.  No explanations are to be given as it is the duty of the Membership Committee to preserve order and protect the current membership and the privacy of the applicant.

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